Yeung Tsun Kwan

Present Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer of 6C Technology LTD. established in 2011 in Hong Kong Science Park. Focusing in Research on the Synthesis of High Quality Single-Crystal Diamond and Diamond Growth Systems.

With Research Skills in ATM, SEM, TEM, Raman Spectroscopy, CVD, FIB, IR-Vis Absorption Spectroscopy, Sputtering Systems, ALD Wafer Processing, Ellipsometry, Lithography.

An Applied Physics Harvard University Graduate where for 5 years he was involved in Developing of High Resolution Highly Sensitive Magnetic Field Imager based on diamond, Numerical and Computational Modeling of Spin Dynamics of Nitrogen Defects in diamond for quantum computation and high sensitive magnetometry applications, Designed, simulated and fabricated microstructure arrays using scientific computational tools, Built CVD Systems for Growing Carbon-Nanotube, Numerical and Computational Modeling of Nanotechnologies for Optical manipulation and detection of atoms, DNA, and single molecules.


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