Large Scale MPCVD Diamond

Large Area 25-100kW MPCVD systems 微波等離子化學氣相沉積系统


915Mhz 25-100 kW Microwave Plasma CVD System


  • Large deposition area for semiconductor industry or jewellery industry
  • High-purity diamond
  • High growth rate
  • Non-contamination
  • Precise doping control
  • Excellent process stability & repeatability
  • High reliability
  • Wide-range process control


  • Microwave power 25-100kW
  • Motorized translation stage z-axis adjustable in situ during diamond growth
  • Graphical User interface (GUI) provides multiple screens for active user control of process parameters and for process monitoring. Internet control and monitoring is available
  • Levels of process and safety alarms allow unattended and safe operation of the system
  • Remote process monitoring option
  • Programmable operation supported by step recipe
  • Up to six digitally controlled MFC manifolds.
  • Automatic pressure control
  • PC and electronic is backup by UPS
  • > 7 x Optical ports
  • 2-color IR pyrometer

MP915 CVD reactor




At 6C Technology, we specialize in delivering advanced deposition systems for a wide range of industries. Our Large Area 25-100kW MPCVD Systems are designed to meet the demands of high-quality material deposition with efficiency and precision. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, such as the 915 CVD reactor and the 915MHz MPCVD system, our chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems offer exceptional performance and versatility.

MPCVD System: Our MPCVD systems utilize microwave plasma technology to enable the deposition of thin films on various substrates. The MPCVD process involves the chemical vapor deposition of materials in a plasma environment generated by microwave energy. This technique allows for superior control over film quality, uniformity, and growth rate, making it ideal for large-area applications.

915 CVD Reactor: The centerpiece of our Large Area 25-100kW MPCVD Systems is the 915 CVD reactor. This state-of-the-art reactor is engineered to provide a highly stable and uniform plasma environment, ensuring precise control over the deposition process. With its advanced design and robust construction, the 915 CVD reactor offers exceptional reliability and scalability.

915MHz MPCVD System: Our 915MHz MPCVD system operates at a frequency of 915MHz, which is optimized for efficient plasma generation and enhanced material deposition. This high-frequency system allows for improved process control, higher growth rates, and enhanced film quality, enabling our customers to achieve superior results for their applications.

化學氣相沉積系统: 6C Technology的大面积25-100kW微波等离子化学气相沉积系统是为满足高质量材料沉积的需求而设计的,具备高效和精确性。采用先进技术,如915 CVD反应器和915MHz MPCVD系统,我们的化学气相沉积(CVD)系统在性能和多功能性方面表现出色。

MPCVD系统: 我们的MPCVD系统利用微波等离子体技术,在各种基板上进行薄膜沉积。MPCVD过程通过微波能量产生的等离子体环境进行材料的化学气相沉积。这种技术能够更好地控制膜质量、均匀性和生长速率,非常适用于大面积应用。

915 CVD反应器: 大面积25-100kW MPCVD系统的核心是915 CVD反应器。这款先进的反应器设计稳定性高、等离子体环境均匀,确保对沉积过程的精确控制。915 CVD反应器采用先进的设计和坚固的结构,具备出色的可靠性和可扩展性。

915MHz MPCVD系统: 我们的915MHz MPCVD系统工作频率为915MHz,经过优化以实现高效的等离子体产生和增强材料沉积。这种高频系统能够改善过程控制、提高生长速率和膜质量,使我们的客户在应用中获得卓越的结果。

At 6C Technology, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, high-performance deposition systems. Our Large Area 25-100kW MPCVD Systems, equipped with the 915 CVD reactor and the 915MHz MPCVD system, offer unparalleled capabilities for large-scale material deposition. Contact us today to learn more about how our MPCVD systems can fulfill your specific requirements and drive innovation in your industry.

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