25-100kW MPCVD systems 微波等離子化學氣相沉積系统

Single Crystal CVD Diamond Growth


25-100 kW Microwave Plasma CVD System


  • Large deposition area for semiconductor industry or jewellery industry
  • High-purity diamond
  • High growth rate
  • Non-contamination
  • Precise doping control
  • Excellent process stability & repeatability
  • High reliability
  • Wide-range process control


  • Microwave power 25-100kW
  • Motorized translation stage z-axis adjustable in situ during diamond growth
  • Graphical User interface (GUI) provides multiple screens for active user control of process parameters and for process monitoring. Internet control and monitoring is available
  • Levels of process and safety alarms allow unattended and safe operation of the system
  • Remote process monitoring option
  • Programmable operation supported by step recipe
  • Six digitally controlled MFC manifolds.
  • EP tubing and VCR connectors for gas delivery system
  • Automatic pressure control
  • PC and electronic is backup by UPS
  • > 7 x Optical ports
  • 2-color IR pyrometer