Large Scale MPCVD Diamond


Hong Kong Science Park 20th Anniverary INNOVATORS Stories 

Since 2005, Lambert Yeung, has been unearthing scientific possibilities in the world of carbon nanotubes and diamonds. The CEO of 6C Technology Limited is the mind behind the large-scale MPCVD (Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamond technology, a low-cost system that produces wafer-size high-quality diamonds, meeting the needs of diamond-based materials in the semiconductor and electronics industries. His process of synthesising diamond with semiconductor properties has also led to the development of an energy-efficient power electronic device. Previously, Yeung had also worked at the University of Illinois and Harvard University, discovering potential blood glucose biosensors with DNA-wrapped carbon nanotube, as well as developing a chemical vapor deposition technology for growing carbon nanotube and an atomic scale high-resolution magnetic field imager based on diamond nitrogen defects.

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