Large Scale MPCVD Diamond

Equipped with advanced technologies such as large scale MPCVD, 6C Technology Ltd was established in the Hong Kong Science Park in 2012. 6C Technology Ltd is a company specializing in the production of single crystalline diamond (SCD) products using MPCVD technique and CNC diamond shaping equipment. Even though CVD diamonds are lab-grown diamonds, they have same properties as natural diamonds in terms of their refractive index, hardness, thermal conductivity etc. Yet, unlike natural diamonds, in which composition and impurities can vary, MPCVD Technique allows the quality and quantity of diamonds to be tailored to clients’ demand. The technology we use also makes the production of one of the rarest type of natural diamond, type llb diamond (blue diamond), possible.

創立於香港科學園的六晶科技有限公司專注於利用微波化學氣相沉積方法(large scale MPCVD)去大量生產單晶體鑽石(SCD)和開發用數控(CNC)技術加工切割打磨鑽石成品。 利用MPCVD方法生產的鑽石為人工鑽石, 無論是在折射指數· 硬度或熱傳導性能等方面,都不遜於天然鑽石。MPCVD技術可以讓生產的鑽石的質和量受到控制· 這和天然鑽石中有著不同程度的雜質相比,CVD鑽石在品質穩定性方面明顯比天然鑽石更為優勝。此外,MPCVD技術還能把世上最為罕有的IIb鑽石(藍鑽)生產出來。